Video: Residents rally to save Broomhill Avenue greenspace from more concrete

By Ian Marland at

Residents are fighting moves to build on greenspace land which they say is vital for the wellbeing of people and wildlife.

The area of grass and trees at the bottom of Broomhill Avenue adjoins an end tenement building and is bordered by busy dual carriageway roads on its south side.

People love it and say it has been used by children, pet owners and families for as long as anyone can remember.

Watch: Chris Osborne explains why residents prize their greenspace.

Although the area is not an official park, it is tended and maintained by local residents.

But the site has now been deemed surplus to requirements by the council and residents believe the authority is in talks with a developer about building more flats on the site.

Chris Osborne, a Broomhill resident and part of the local friends group, has launched a petition to save the greenspace from development.

He said: “This is one of the few local community open spaces we have in this area.

“For us having an open space where children can play where there are trees, bats, bugs, foxes and squirrels is very important.”

He said: “I didn’t grow up in the city – I grew up in Ayrshire where I was used to having a lot of open space.

“So that is something that I want for my children as well.”

Important: Broomhill Avenue has few local areas where children can play near to their homes.

The petition calls on the council to remove the threat of sale from the Broomhill Avenue Greenspace, and designate the site as a protected greenspace for the recreational use of the people of Glasgow.

In recent weeks residents and children have been working on the site and planted hundreds of flower bulbs, cleaned up rubbish.

They have also prepared bird and bat boxes, with more planting planned throughout the autumn.

Campaign: Residents are determined to safeguard the open space for generations to come.

Chris said: “All of this hard work is at risk if the proposed sale goes ahead.

“All this means that the current situation is breaking an assurance that the council previously made to the community, and going against the their own policy of protecting green corridor spaces.”

He said: “The threat now is almost the same as we had back in 2007 where the site has been declared surplus by the council.

“It’s not official greenspace although it is listed as part of the green corridor.

Wildlife: Birds, bats and squirrels live and make use of the space.

“So they have put it up for sale for development as residential property – basically more flats.

“And that is on top of the number of flats going in as part of the development of the former school building nearby.”

Chris said: “The wildspace in Glasgow needs to be kept. We need more trees, more wildlife, more plants, more space for children – not more concrete and bricks.”

Homes: The former Anniesland College building nearby is already being converted into flats.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “Any proposed development in the city needs to be assessed against the relevant criteria set out in policies in the local development plan.

“This reflects legislation and guidance set out by the Scottish Government.”

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