Wyndford Estate: trees are axed despite protests but felling is welcomed by some

By Ian Marland at

A dozen mature trees have been felled on the Wyndford Estate in Maryhill despite protests from a residents’ group.

Wyndford Residents’ Association described the felling as “naked vandalism” and “murder”. They had launched a petition in September to stop the trees coming down.

But other residents say the clearing was necessary to make the area brighter and safer for children.

Protest: The area's residents' group objected to the felling but not everyone was opposed.

Protest: The area’s residents’ group objected to the felling but not everyone was opposed.

They say the trees made parents feel uneasy about letting their children out because they prevented them keeping an eye on kids.

One resident said on Facebook: “I dont like to see trees coming down either but it’s for the greater good.

“My square has been deplorable for years and I welcome the improvement.


“My only gripe is the dogs ruining it with irresponsible owners allowing them to use our space as a toilet.”

A post by Wyndford Residents Association said: “We tried to stop Cube doing this, and we forced them to stop their plans to wreck our avenue.

“But they went ahead and murdered a dozen mature trees in this backcourt just to save a bob or two down the line. Utter revulsion.”

A comment by association in reply to another resident said they agreed about the need to improve visibility around the estate.


But they questioned whether full-scale removal of trees was the best solution.

Cube Housing Association, which manages homes in the area, said it was improving green spaces around the flats.

In September, it said it had identified nearly 70 trees that it said were diseased and would need to be removed.

Cube has promised to replant more than double the number of young trees as part of the improvements in the area.

Wyndford was built on the site of the former Glasgow city barracks, and is still referred to many locals as “the Barracks”.