Websters Theatre: ‘Blood Brothers’ is no child’s play, says student show’s director

By Ian Marland at

The stars of tomorrow are to stage a play version of Willy Russell’s award-winning musical Blood Brothers.

Student Theatre at Glasgow is a company associated with the University of Glasgow that has been active for 25 years.

And according to the play’s director, a number of the cast are stepping out on the first rungs of a professional acting career.

Poster: The play promises laughs but also plenty to think about.

Conor O’Donnelly told Glasgow West End Today: “I think even being a student production, we have put together a very good show.

“A lot of the actors in the crew in Blood Brothers one day want to, and I think will, go professional and this is just the very start of their careers.

“It has been a pleasure to direct them and would thoroughly encourage any lover of the theatre (and those willing to give it a bash) to come and see it.

“Let us show you what we can do.”

Cast: Blood Brothers follows a string of successes for Student Theatre at Glasgow.

The company’s latest production follows a string of recent successes.

Blood Brothers tells the story of fraternal twins, Mickey and Eddie, separated at birth.

Set in Liverpool in post-war 1960s Britain, Blood Brothers weaves a contemporary nature versus nurture plot as Mickey and Eddie are raised in ostensibly different social classes.

Mickey and Eddie’s secret bond is rigorously tested as the touching story of unconditional and instinctive brotherly love is tarnished forever by fate’s inescapable tragedy.

Connor says: “Blood Brothers is a fantastic play that’s really well known and speaks to a lot of people.

Rehearsals: Blood Brothers is a story of love and nurture versus nature.

“There’s a lot of laughs in there but also a touching side to it as well.

“The two brothers Mickey (Keir Aitken) and Edward (Finlay McRobert) add a real dynamic aspect, engaging the audience, having a laugh with with them and making it just generally fun to watch.

“On the other side we have the two mothers Mrs Johnstone (Hanni Shinton) and Mrs Lyons (Flora Robson) who bring the darker elements of play.

“They make us question the morals of what they do and if letting a child go is acceptable in any way.”

* Blood Brothers by Willy Russell is at Websters Theatre on Great Western Road from March 20-22. Performances begin at 8.00pm. Tickets are £9 with £8 concessions. Please like the company’s Facebook page