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Video: ‘Hyndland, I’m happy to talk if you have worries over new Sainsbury’s store’

By Ian Marland at

The manager at Sainsbury’s new supermarket in Novar Drive says he wants local people to come to him directly if they have any issues as the store prepares to open.

Niall Moody says he is passionate about community engagement and support.

And he says he wants to work with Hyndland residents and businesses in any way he can to overcome problems.

Final touches: The new store on Novar Drive opens this week.

The store opens this Friday (April 7) at 7am – with an official opening at 9am.

Plans for a supermarket met with stiff opposition three years ago.

More than 500 objections were raised about traffic, noise, the threat to local businesses and the impact on a conservation area – but the plans were given the green light.

Niall says his job now is to ensure that his Sainsbury’s Local store works in harmony with its neighbours.

“The reason I am in this store is because of my community background. I have a passion for the community.

Opposition: Plans met with local resistance when they were brought forward three years ago.

“It is really, really important to me and as a company we have a moral obligation – we can really support the community.

“I am passionate about getting involved in the community and supporting the many groups as we possibly can.”

He added: “We have spent lots of time with various groups in the community.

“We are trying to allay fears and communicate as much as we can to answer as many questions as possible.

“We know we will have issues opening, people will have concerns.

“But all I ask is if you have concerns come to me directly. After that we will do our best to address those issues.”

Convenience: The new store will offer a wide range of products and facilities.

Sainsbury’s has recently assured local representatives that its opening hours are 7am to 10pm – and not 11pm as indicated by a sign at the rear of the store.

The store was also asked to look at easing restrictions on loading bays to allow residents to park without penalty outwith delivery times.

It’s understood that issue is still ongoing as parking restrictions are a matter for the city council and not Sainsbury’s.

Niall says Sainsbury’s will support local community groups when it opens. The chain says it’s invested more than £360,600 in Glasgow since 2005.

Community: Sainsbury’s says it wants to work with the community.

It’s understood the supermarket will support Friends of Old Station Park as well as a local food bank.

Niall told Glasgow West End Today: “I invite people to come to the store to speak to to us if you are a community group or charity.

“There are lots of lots of things we can do, and I am really looking forward to being able to support local events here.

“I think we will have a fantastic opening – and a fantastic summer.”

Watch: Store manager Niall Moody says Sainsbury’s will work with the community.

Sainsbury’s say the store has created 24 new full and part time local job opportunities.

The chain says it will offer its top range of fresh produce and convenience goods, helping to retain investment and footfall in the area.