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‘We’ll keep a close eye on Sainsbury’s new store in Novar Drive’ – community council

By Ellen Thomson at

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has been put on notice that its presence in Hyndland will be closely monitored.

The area’s community council played a big part in opposing plans for a store in Novar Drive four years ago – plans which were eventually passed.

The scheme was put forward by the leisure group G1, who have subsequently let the premises out to Sainsbury’s.

Trading: New supermarket opens its doors in Novar Drive.

Earlier this week, store manager Niall Moody said the chain was eager to work through any problems around the supermarket’s opening with the community.

Sainsbury’s Local is now set to open for trading early Friday morning – April 7 at 7am.

Ann Laird, chairman of Dowanhil Hyndland and Kelvinside Community Council (DHKCC), said she had already had talks with Niall about the opening.

She said: “In 2013, DHKCC played a major role in objecting to the G1 Group proposals to convert 8 Novar Drive property into a Supermarket.

Sensitive: Local community council was opposed to the plans four years ago.

“In so doing, we represented the general community view that certain negative impacts significantly outweighed the benefit of additional local retail provision, such as loss of local independent shops; increased traffic dangers, also parking and loading issues; character of the conservation area; and last but not least, reduced amenity of residents in Novar Drive.

“Following due process, planning permission was granted, Sainsburys Local confirmed as the tenant retailer, redevelopment completed, and the store is now opening in what is acknowledged all round to be a very tight site.

Business: The supermarket will open from 7am to 10pm.

“‘Tabak’ local independent convenience shop just round the corner in Hyndland Road, has recently closed down, with a great outpouring of sympathy from the local population.

“We have already made contact with Sainsbury’s new store manager, and I’m sure he’ll help us in any way we can.

“Now, community council members, especially during the first year of operation of this new local supermarket, will monitor the potential impacts noted four years ago – particularly increased traffic dangers, parking and loading issues, and various forms of disturbance to Novar Drive residents during 7am-10pm operation.

“We’ll be working to address whatever issues may arise.”