Video: West End guests hear Islam is only about peace at Ahmadiyya mosque event

By Ian Marland at

Ahmadi Muslims have been engaging with community groups, other faiths and organisations from across the West End.

The faith group opened the doors to its Bait Ur Rahman Mosque in Yorkhill to invited local figures, organisations and school pupils.

A central tenet of their faith is to spread peace and understanding.

Engagement: Guests were invited from all parts of the West End.

Last year, the group launched an anti-extremism campaign following the murder of one of its members, Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah.

Guests at the engagement event listened to presentations about Ahmadi history and teachings, and learned about the community work undertaken by members.

Scotland Imam Daud Ahmad Qureshi said the event was about tackling the perception of Islam in the face of fundamentalism and terrorism.

“Today’s event is about community engagement where we have invited schools, charities, police, fire service and also different communities to come here to join us, just to explain to them the peaceful teaching of Islam.

“We want to say to people that Islam is not the religion of terrorism, it is the religion of peace.

Centre: The Ahmadiyya Muslim Centre is on Haugh Road, Yorkhill, in the West End.

“We condemn all types of terrorism and acts of violence.”

Mr Qureshi said: “The Ahmadiyya community is a very peaceful community.

“We are a law-abiding community and we want to give this message to other communities – all the communities no matter what their religion is.

“Secondly, the main objective is how we can work together in Glasgow and in Scotland, how we can interact with the different communities in the future.”

Police Scotland’s Neil MacDougall is the area inspector for the Glasgow North West command area which covers the West End.

He said: “This is a big community engagement for ourselves.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslims have their mosque within the West End of Glasgow and they have invited along a number of community groups, individuals and partner agencies.

Library: The centre is a place of worship and study for hundreds of Ahmadiyya Muslims in the city.

“It is an Open Day and a joint-community event to bring people together and to learn a lot about a really important part of our community, which is the Ahmadiyya Muslims.

“For ourselves, and my own understanding of the Ahmadiyya part of the faith, is that they are very much about promoting peace within communities.

“And that’s one of the reasons why we have joined them in inviting people to the mosque today to get that message across and to spread that throughout the local community and beyond.”

Ahmadi Muslims have faced persecution abroad from orthodox Muslims who regard their version of Islam heresy because it does not believe that Mohammed was the final prophet sent to guide mankind.

Watch: Ahmadiyya Muslims invite community groups to West End mosque.

Tanveer Ahmed, from Bradford, was jailed for 27 years last summer for the premeditated murder of Mr Shah outside his Shawlands shop last March.

Ahmed, 32, a Sunni Muslim, confessed to confronting and then attacking Mr Shah because the newsagent was an open adherent of the Ahmadi branch of Islam.

* The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Scotland is holding open day on Saturday, April 22 at Bait Ur Rahman Mosque.

To arrange a visit please 07729 70957 or just turn up on the day between midday and 1.30pm at 8 Haugh street, Glasgow, G3 8TR. Refreshments will be served.