Video: Glasgow Botanic Gardens to host bicentenary event after spring makeover

By Ian Marland at

A special event is being held later this month to mark the 200th anniversary of Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens.

And the popular attraction is looking its best after a makeover in preparation for the milestone.

The Gardens’ main gates and pillars, along with its ornate iron boundary fence, have recently been renovated.

Gardens: Attraction marks its 200th anniversary this year.

The work comes ahead of a day of festivities at the Botanics on May 20.

Ewen Donaldson, the Botanic gardens’ general manager, said: “This is our bicentenary year and on Saturday 20th May we have a bicentenary event.

“We hope this will bring in lots of visitors to the Gardens.

“We have a number of groups and organisations doing things and we will have a marquee.

Refurbishment: The Gardens’ railings have been restored.

“We are going to have some entertainment around the Gardens marking the fact that Glasgow Botanic Gardens was originally started on the 20th of May, 1817.”

There is a timeline exhibition in the Kibble Palace which tells the story of the Gardens from their very beginning.

Ewen said key infrastructure works had been timed with a busy year for the attraction.

Entrance: The main gates were sent away to be restored.

He said: “We have quite a bit of work done around the perimeter, and visitors have probably seen that.

“At the main entrance, the gates were taken away and restored and repaired.

“The gate pillars have been cleaned up and the railings all the way round have been repaired.

Watch: General manager Ewen Donaldson on the gardens’ bicentenary.

“We have also had two sections of new plinth put in to replace a section that was taken out during the war to accommodate an air raid shelter that stayed until the 1950s.”

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