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Jordan and Daniel swap porridge for a better course of life as West End chefs

By Ian Marland at

Two young men who ended up in prison have been given a new direction in life thanks to restaurant group Kained Holdings.

Jordan Docherty and Daniel McLaughlin found themselves in prison after facing significant challenges in early life, stemming from troubled backgrounds and a lack of opportunities.

Now the pair have landed full-time jobs after helping prepare a six-course dinner at the annual Yes Chef! Dinner at Glasgow’s Hilton.

Ability: Jordan and Daniel impressed Scott Leask.

Their enthusiasm and talent was spotted by Kained Holdings’ development chef Scott Leask, who was working with them as part of a skills and rehabilitation programme.

He said: “This proves that if you have a willingness to change, doors aren’t closed.

“I have been so impressed by the effort of both Jordan and Daniel, they’ll be brilliant additions to the team at Kained.

“No matter what your background is, there is no limitation to what you can achieve with dedication.”

He said: “Without the Yes Chef! Programme I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet them so I am extremely glad Kained Holdings is so heavily involved.”

Helping hand: Jordan and Daniel were aided by the Moving On Scotland programme.

Kained Holdings operates a number of gastro-pubs in Glasgow’s West End including Kelbourne Saint, Lebowski’s, the Drugstore Social and the Duchess of Argyle.

‘Yes Chef!’ is a 12-week programme run by the ‘Moving On Scotland’ service, which is backed by the charity Action for Children in Scotland.

The service works with young people recently liberated from short-term prison sentences to help rehabilitate them back into their local communities.

The project programme and Yes Chef! gives prisoners the chance to develop new skills and gain qualifications.


Paul Carberry, Director of Action for Children in Scotland, said he was “incredibly proud” of Jordan and Daniel.

He said: “They have shown incredible levels of commitment and deserve recognition for all their efforts.

“Before this programme, some of these boys had barely spent any time in a kitchen but are now about to embark on careers in top restaurants.

“That is a huge achievement and shows the positive work within our ‘Moving On Scotland’ project.

“We are grateful to Kained Holdings’ MD Graham Suttle and development chef Scott for their support and for offering the young men employment.”

‘Moving On Scotland’ is delivered by Action for Children Scotland in Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, East Ayrshire and the Highlands with 81% of the people the service supports not returning to prison.