Video: Flower farm finds new home with Mr Scarecrow and buddies in the Botanics

By Ian Marland at

A year on from germination, a city flower project is slowly starting to bloom.

Dear Green Flower Farm originally set up at a bowls club in the West End.

But the farm recently found a new home within the grounds of Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

Dear Green Flower Farm

Little seeds: Leila, three, and brother Jamie, six, are regular helpers on the farm.

With planting now under way, its members say they would love more volunteers to get involved.

The project was set up by music teacher and horticulturalist Jane Tomlinson.

She said: “We moved from Burnbank Bowling Club at the beginning of this year.

“We started in the winter here getting up lots of weeds and the rest of it.

Dear Green Flower Farm

Volunteers: Project helpers meet regularly throughout the week to tend to the flowers.

“But we would love more volunteers.

“We have done a lot of the hard digging, but there is still going to be lots of weeding.

“We’re getting on to planting – loads of seedlings are going in just now.

“We are going to need people to pick and people to arrange posies.

“We even need admin help; anybody who can help in the office – help with sales, help with marketing and publicity.

“There’s too much for us to do.

“Whatever you’d like to do, do come and lend a hand.”

Dear Green Flower Farm

Appealing: More volunteers are wanted to do a range of tasks for the project.

The farm aims to grow traditional Scottish garden flowers – gladioli, dahlias, herbaceous perennials – to sell as cut flowers in the heart of the West End.

It has worked with refugees and asylum seekers to give people on outlet for their energies.

It’s the first community run project of its kind in Glasgow.

Its new home even boasts a wonderfully-attired scarecrow that was lovingly crafted with the help of young helpers Jamie and sister Leila.

Watch: Jane Tomlinson and Dear Green Flower Farm.

Jane said: “We would welcome people of all ages.

“If you don’t know about gardening, don’t worry – you’ll learn, we’ll show you.

“But the more the merrier.”

* Find volunteering times on Facebook – or contact Jane at or 07793 033633 for more details. The project has a website