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Gallery event: By Distinction Art gathers seasoned artists for latest summer show

By Ian Marland at

A leading West End art gallery launches its summer show this week.

By Distinction Art on Byres Roads has gathered together pieces from some of the top names in Scottish art.

By Distinction Art

Featured painting: “The Messenger” by June Carey

Among those featuring are June Carey, Patricia Cain, Damian Callan, Cecilia Cardiff, and Paddy Dorian.

Also exhibiting are Margaret Evans, Frank McNab, Alison McWhirter, Ryan Mutter, and Adrian Wiszniewski.

By Distinction Art

Featured piece: A work by Helen Wilson

There will also be new jewellery designs by Ruth Swan.

Bruce Finnie is the gallery’s proprietor who is bringing all the works under one roof.

By Distinction Art

Featured painting: “Aspirations” by Frank McNab

The gallery specialises in contemporary Scottish art and unique contemporary jewellery.

Bruce says he likes to know the artists personally, their backgrounds, and techniques.

By Distinction Art

Featured painting: “Big Wave” by Damian Callan

Many of the artists are well known and have exhibited across the UK.

Cecilia Cardiff – who has worked as both designer and artist – is inspired by rugged urban scares, using vivid blocks of colour.

By Distinction Art

Featured work: “Big Bloomers” by Cecilia Cardiff

Among the owners of her work is Torchwood and Desperate Housewives star John Barrowman.

Frank McNab has exhibited in numerous galleries in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

His paintings have recently been used on book covers and music albums.

By Distinction Art

Featured painting: “Full Steam Ahead by Ryan Mutter

Helen Wilson was born in Paisley in 1954 and trained at Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 1976.

Her paintings of ballerinas, musicians, performers and behind the scenes views from her residencies with the Royal Ballet and Scottish Opera have won her critical acclaim.

Ryan Mutter has built up a formidable reputation as a powerful contemporary painter of Industrial and Maritime subjects.

Born in 1978, he studied at the Glasgow School of Art, where he graduated in 2001.

By Distinction Art

Gallery: By Distinction Art at 100 Byres Road

June Carey began her Art Education in the 1960s at Glasgow School of Art.

In 1982 she became a member of Edinburgh Printmakers and began a lifelong love affair with printmaking.

* Summertime Hues opens to the public on Friday July 14.