Job vacancy: Could you sell advertising by building trust with West End businesses?

By Ian Marland at

We think advertising is the way to sustain what we are doing with Glasgow West End Today.

We think we can capitalise on the audience we have grown over the year.

That’s why we need someone who could engage with local businesses and other organisations.

We are not interested in the hard sell.

Glasgow West End

Events: We like to cover the things that people in the West End are interested in.

We want to build trust and grow our platform through partnership with those who support us.

We’re only a small site, and a small team with a small remit to report local news for the West End.

But we still need an income to sustain what we do, and to it make it better.

That’s what why we need someone who understands the nature of local publishing.

The West End is a sizeable segment of Scotland’s biggest city, but it is still a community – a collection of neighbouring communities.

We want to be trusted and true to the communities we serve.

That means being trusted by small businesses – just like us.

Glasgow West End

Links: Help us make connections with local businesses, so that we can grow together.

So who are we looking for?

You will be a freelancer who can bring in advertising revenue for our hyperlocal platform.

You should be a self-starter who knows the ins and outs of digital media – and understands the value of what we are trying to do.

In just over a year, we’ve grown a decent little audience – 20,000 unique monthly users of our website and a social media audience of more than 11,000.

We want you to sell our success so far.

We think there’s plenty of small businesses out there who would welcome what we do.

Our overheads are small, so we don’t need to make big charges like the mainstream press.

Glasgow West End

Audience: The numbers of people coming to our Facebook and website is growing.

So, what exactly is the role?

There are a number of ways for businesses to communicate to their customers through Glasgow West End Today, including display advertising, sponsored content and our jobs board.

We’re looking for a highly-motivated person to market these opportunities to the businesses within the West End.

In partnership with the editor, you will devise and coordinate a detailed marketing plan in order to capitalise on the opportunities that currently exist in both digital and hyperlocal news publishing.

Glasgow West End

Appealing: We try to keep our content positive and relevant.

So, what skills / experience will you need?

A year’s marketing or sales experience is preferable but not essential.

A strong network of contacts within the West End area would also be a distinct advantage.

It would really help if you lived locally, and knew the area well.

You’ll also have excellent writing and communication skills, thorough attention to detail and a working level of social media expertise.

Most importantly, you’ll be personable, professional, and enthusiastic.

Glasgow West End

Patch: The West End is a vibrant area for business and content.

OK, so what are the benefits?

This is a part-time opportunity, perfect for a freelancer with a little time to spare every week.

You’ll be able to manage your time to suit your own work, life and family requirements, but roughly the role will require a commitment of around 7-10 hours a week.

Depending how we get on, the hours and work may develop further.

You’ll need to be able to work remotely, although there will be regular catch-up meetings.

Pay will be on a generous and highly-competitive commission basis.

You will get 50% of all display and job ad revenue you bring in.

There will also be incentives for bringing in sponsored content commissions.

Glasgow West End

Local: The beauty of what we do is that it’s on our doorstep.

And what more can you tell us about Glasgow West End Today?

Well, you might have guessed, but we are not like any of the mainstream media.

If there was a cottage somewhere in the West End (I think there might be one of two), we’d be working from it.

There’s me, Ian, who edits, and then there’s David, who administers and provides editorial support. We’re both journalists with a lot of experience.

The platform is licensed but is 100% editorially independent.

We also have a small, but growing band of contributors.

But small is what we are, and it’s how we’d like to keep it.

That doesn’t mean to say we don’t want to grow and sustain what we do.

Glasgow West End Today

Helping hand: Our ethos is one of working with local businesses to offer our support.

OK, I’m interested. What do I do?

Drop us a note of interest and attach a brief CV.

If you want more information, just come back to us through Facebook or via email us on

Thank you for taking time to read this. We hope you’re the person we need.

Closing date for applications Friday July 21.