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Video: ‘Pianola’ on Crow Road says thank you to friends ahead of opening Monday

By Ian Marland at

It’s called Pianola – and it brings a mix of French Parisian chic and Italian class to a prominent corner site on Broomhill’s Crow Road.

After many months of work behind hoardings and whitewashed windows, a remarkable transformation is now complete.

Pianola and Crow Road

Stunning: The bar area exudes continental style and elegance

What was once a shop selling car accessories is now an eatery with a character unique anywhere in Glasgow.

And customers will finally get a chance to see inside the West End’s newest restaurant when it officially opens on Monday afternoon at 3pm (August 7).

Last night (Friday Aug 4), 50 or so invited guests helped put the restaurant and its new staff through their paces.

It was a big test for the new kitchen apparatus and chefs – both of which have been sourced direct from Italy.

For owner Ed Avdiasi the night was the end of a mammoth project which has taken nearly a year.

Ed is already well-known in the area as the owner of the popular Kothel coffee shop just a few doors down the road.

Pianola and Crow Road

Tasty: Simple yet authentic Italian dishes are on the menu

“It has been a real battle to get to where we are – but it has been worth it.

“I am absolutely thrilled with what everyone has achieved.

“This place was like a building site just before our guests arrived tonight – it was like DIY SOS!”

He added: “This party has been a chance to test out the restaurant and the kitchen staff.

“We needed to know that we could cope – and that everything works.

“It has been a great success, we are delighted. We can’t wait to welcome the public on Monday.”

Pianola Crow Road

Transformation: The restaurant has taken nearly a year to complete

Pianola is a beautifully conceived vision of a continental-style bistro-restaurant in the heart of the West End.

There is nothing bling about it – the materials are warm and classy, and more remarkable for being largely recycled.

Italian marble adorns the bar and table tops – and baronial wood panelling lines the dining area.

And it comes adorned with a wonderful stags head – and an originally-sourced Pianola instrument in an alcove perched over an inside entrance.

“It took a bunch of rugby players to get that instrument up there,” says Ed.

Pianola on Crow Road

Welcoming: Pianola opens to the public on Monday August 7

“I had an idea that we could have a ladder so that someone could get up there and play it.

“But I can’t do that because of health and safety – but never mind, it looks great.”

Pianola serves authentic, yet simply prepared and cooked Italian cuisine.

It’s breakfast menu will feature fennel sausages and other savouries – its daytime and evening fayre freshly-made pasta, meat and vegetarian dishes.

Another feature that sets it apart from almost anywhere else in the West End is its own Italian-made coffee-roasting machine – one of only 14 units of its kind in the UK.

Watch: Pianola welcomes special guests ahead of official opening

For Ed, the many oddities and fixtures are part of his vision to create something truly unique to the West End, and possibly Glasgow.

“I want this place to be friendly, I want it to be independent.

“I don’t want my place to have a chain feel.

“I want to feel that this is everybody’s home, it’s their area – it’s their place.”

Asked if he was happy with the way the place has turned out, he says: “Actually, I don’t want to be cocky about that question… but yeah, I’m more than happy.

“Everybody’s delighted, we are getting fantastic feedback – I’m over the moon.”

* Pianola at 240 Crow Road, Broomhill, opens to customers on Monday August 7 at 3pm. For enquiries call 0141 334 6171.