Volunteers wanted to help bring people closer to nature at Glasgow Wildfest 2017

By Ellen Thomson at

A call has gone out for city folk to get involved with a month-long festival of urban wildlife.

Glasgow Wildfest 2017 gets under way across the city from September 1.

Organisers are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with various events and activities.

Wildfest 2017

Poster: Wildfest2017 is on throughout September across Glasgow

Roles include – events assistants, to engage with the public; nature connectors, helping with nature activities; and nature recorders, helping gathering data on wildlife around the city.

There are also the following roles: photographic journalists, to document Wildfest through film and
photography; promotion and social media volunteers, to help promote the event around Glasgow; and faceprinting volunteers, to help raise money through nature inspired faceprinting.

The event, in its fourth year, is a partnership between the RSPB, Glasgow City Council, and community groups and gardens from all over the city.

A RSPB Glasgow spokeswoman said: “You will be part of a team who will inspire the public about nature, facilitate valuable connections to the natural world, and engage people in the conservation work that we do, through public engagement and community events.”


There are 32 events on the programme this year.

Each weekend will see the focus switch to a different part of Glasgow, celebrating both well-known and hidden greenspaces within those areas.

Highlights for the festival this year include the grand opening of a newly developed garden and community hub by Friends of Springburn Park (Sept 23) and a picnic concert at the Hidden Gardens with the accompaniment of live chamber music (Sept 16).

A Wild Day Out in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens (Sept 2) will be the biggest recording event there in 20 years.

* Anyone interested should contact the RSPB on