Love Actually star Bill Nighy drops in on Hyndland Gala during break from filming

By Ian Marland at

Movie star Bill Nighy was an unexpected visitor at one of the West End’s annual events.

The star of Love Actually, Harry Potter and The Pirates of the Caribbean showed his face at Hyndland Gala this afternoon.

Pizza Magic owner Marco Stevenson was lucky enough to bump in to the actor as he stopped to view the festivities in Old Station Park.

Bill Nighy

Celebrities: Actor Bill Nighy drops in on Hyndland Gala and poses for a pic with Marco Stevenson from Pizza Magic. Used with Marco’s permission

“It was great to see him – he is a really nice guy – he asked what was going on in the park.

“He said he was in town filming and was just enjoying some down time.”

Nighy is in Glasgow filming a new BBC drama Ordeal By Innocence with English actor Ed Westwick.

Marco said: “I’d actually met him the day before when I saw him walking down Hyndland Road.

“I stopped to say hello then – he was a really friendly guy.

“He doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who likes to hide away – he was more than happy to be out and about in public.”

Bill Nighy

Dog-gone: Hyndland Hounds dog show was a big crowd pleaser again

The gala attracted a good turn out on what started out as a damp Saturday.

Hyndland Hounds dog show again offered top quality entertainment to the crowds in Old Station Park.

Families also enjoyed stalls, games and refreshments around Lauderdale Park.

Marco said: “It was a great day for Hyndland and testament to all the hard work that people put in to organising the events.

“People really don’t understand the efforts that people like Ann Henderson put in to the gala.

“It couldn’t happen without people like that.”