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Food blog: ‘I was inspired by breakfast at Cafézique to make my own granola bake’

By Ava Richardson at

Everybody loves a good fulfilling brunch date don’t they? I know I do.

I thought I’d put Glasgow’s listed ‘best breakfast’ to the test.


Bright: Cafezique offers an open and welcoming space

Cafézique always feels like a good spot; bright and modern with a wonderful open planned mezzanine.

The French toast is an absolute must for me – my guilty pleasure; thick succulent bread, served with puddledub bacon and real Canadian maple syrup.

The maple syrup is great – you can really taste the authenticity of the real Canadian flavour. An absolute treat.


Delicious: The French toast is an absolute must

I also ordered Cafézique’s own granola with fruit compote & yogurt.

I was curious to see the ratio of yogurt to granola. Personally I always like to have a higher percentage of granola.

This inspired me to make my own homemade granola, so I collected an array of ingredients to attempt my first granola bake.


Top blend: Cafézique’s own granola with fruit compote & yogurt


Lay all your oats evenly onto a baking tray. You can make however much you want.

I used a full bag of porridge oats and emptied the contents out over 3 trays.

Chuck in whatever ingredients your heart desires, anything you might have stored away in your cupboards; nuts, fibre, seeds, dried fruit.

I went all in and added; dates (finely chopped), milled linseed, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, golden linseed, dried cranberries and cherries, raisins, flaked and whole almonds, walnuts, pecans and brazil nuts.


Binding: you can try a mix of different ingredients to make granola

Once I was happy with all my chopped toppings I drizzled over some honey and syrup and used a wooden spoon to distribute it evenly.

There are a few different binding ingredients you can use; honey, maple syrup, golden syrup.

I decided to try out a combination of all three.

Obviously the golden syrup is the less healthy option but after trial and error I came to find it creates the best flavour and glues all the ingredients together the best; besides there is so much other goodness in there that a wee bit of sugar won’t do any great harm…

Make sure your oven is on a nice low heat, you don’t want the oats to burn.


Healthy: Pecan nuts and berries are great additions

Another trick is to add whatever fruit you might like later so they don’t go sour from the heat.

Somewhere around 120°C is probably ideal and then just keep an eye on it.

The trays won’t need to be in any longer than 10-15 minutes, it works well if you turn and toss the oats over half way into the bake to make sure it’s all toasting up perfectly golden throughout.

Add in whatever fruit you might like to include at the end, a minute or two before you take out your trays.

Then take the trays out and leave to cool.


Finished: your very own breakfast granola with yogurt

The oats crisp up once they have cooled down into delicious clusters of goodness.

The granola is a great quick and healthy breakfast option.

You can have it on it’s own or add milk or yogurt. As a lover of flapjack you really can’t go wrong with this breakfast option.

I didn’t expect it to be so easy and you can make a huge batch in one go and store some in a jar for later as it doesn’t really have an expiration date.

Give it a go and see how you like your granola.

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