‘Scotstoun, we have fought your battles. Now we need your support to keep going’

By Ian Marland at

A rallying cry has gone out to residents in the West End.

Scotstoun Community Council has warned it may have to fold if it can’t find new members.

A raft of current volunteers are stepping down because of other commitments or they are moving away.

Scotstoun community council

Scotstoun: the community council needs new members

It could leave the grassroots body with too few people to function.

And this would be a tragedy, says the council, given its record fighting local issues.

In the past three years Scotstoun Community Council has led the fight against a giant incinerator.

It also forced the council to act over unsightly temporary school buildings.

And it battled Glasgow Life over temporary seating at Scotstoun Stadium which caused problems for residents.


It has also established regular litter-picks, and has just started work on a new art project to engage local youngsters.

But several of the councillors are standing down in October at the end of their four-year term.

It could leave the council with fewer than the five members it needs to be quorate … and that would mean it could no longer function.

Nominations close on September 15.

Scotstoun commnity council

Litter picking: the council has motivated people to look after the area

Community Councillor Richard Baynes is one of those hoping to stay on the council.

He fears that even if the council can scrape five members together its role as a champion of the community will be diminished.

“It has been a real eye-opener being on the council,” he said.

“I started off thinking we didn’t have much power as there is only a tiny budget for the council, but by hard work and determination we have got some really good results.

“Being a community councillor gets you to know lots of different people and make connections, which allows you to come up with ideas and actions for the community in a whole different way.”


Richard added: “We have had to tackle some tough issues but there’s a lot of satisfaction.

“The litter picks have actually been good fun, with all sorts of people pitching in and a lot of appreciation from residents.

“But if we don’t have the numbers it will be much harder to do all of this.

“Anyone in Scotstoun can apply to join, and there are 13 places so it’s unlikely there’ll be an election … if we got 13 nominations we’d be delighted!”

Scotstoun Community council

Warning: Richard Baynes fears the council may not have the voice it did if its numbers fall

June Mitchell, the outgoing secretary of the community council, said: “It is very exciting when you realise that as an individual working within a statutory consultative group you can make a difference to your community.”

Nominations have to be from people living within the community council area – see map – signed by two other Scotstoun residents.

* For more information email scotscoco@gmail.com A nomination form is available here www.glasgow.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=38892&p=0