Packed programme of speakers lined up as ‘Third Age’ group sets up in West End

By Ellen Thomson at

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is about to kick off its first group in Glasgow (Thursday).

The first meeting of the Glasgow West End U3A takes place tomorrow (September 21) at 10am.


Venue: The first U3A meeting is at the community hall on Novar Drive.

The new group’s chair Liz Ervine said she would love to see as many people as possible.

The venue is Hyndland Community Hall on Novar Drive G12 9RU.

Liz said: “The first meeting is about to get under way.

“After that meetings will take place on the third Thursday of the month.”

Self-Help: Groups around the UK enjoy a varied programme of activities and interests.

Self-Help: Groups around the UK enjoy a varied programme of activities and interests.

Liz added: “Our first talk will outline what the U3A does as well as what people can contribute and gain from being part of the U3A.

“We hope to have the year’s programme available by then as well as some small groups.

“It will be possible to become a member on the day.

“New members may have thoughts of groups that they might like to start as well as those they might want to join.

“A local U3A reflects the interests of the members, please join us!!”

The U3A is a self-help, broadly educational organisation run by and for people no longer in full time employment.

Central to its ethos is the importance for people of keeping an active mind and body in a social environment.

The organisation believes such activity is an effective defence against loneliness and ill health.

Speakers lined up in the coming months include: Grant Campbell, CEO of Glasgow City Mission; Ann Laird from Friends of Glasgow West; Ewen Donaldson from the Botanic Gardens; and Linda DeCaestecker, director of public health at the local health board.

The group has a new website