Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Well done Boys’ Brigade in Glasgow on your very special birthday’

By Ian Marland at

Boys from the West End enjoyed a special day of activities with a VIP.

None other than Nicola Sturgeon was in attendance as 120 boys from across Glasgow marked the centenary of the Junior Section age group within the organisation.

Boys' Brigade and Sturgeon

Spin: the first minister was happy to see others juggling plates. Photo credit: Stuart Buchanan

Among those attending were members of 130th Glasgow, based at Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church, and the 135th Glasgow who meet at Scotstoun Parish Church.

Ms Sturgeon, who is the local MSP for the BB Glasgow headquarters based at Ibrox Parish Church, met boys as they completed many of the 100 challenges set by the BB to mark this special occasion.

Juniors100 challenges included running a 100m race as a group as fast as possible, and building structures with Maltesers and cocktail sticks.

Boys also had to find out about an event from 1917, learning the art of spinning plates – and getting a photo taken with a local politician.

Boys' Brigade and Nicola Sturgeon

Guest: boys from troops based at Broomhill and Scotstoun enjoyed the day. Photo credit: Stuart Buchanan

Ms Sturgeon said: “Congratulations to The Boys’ Brigade’s Junior Section on reaching its centenary.

“I visited to see boys taking part in 100 different challenges and it’s wonderful to witness the fun that they gain but also the discipline and the leadership that is being instilled through that.

“Well done to everyone associated with The Boys’ Brigade and here is to the next 100 years of the Junior Section.”

Jim McVean, Secretary of The Boys’ Brigade Glasgow, said: “The Junior Section is a hugely important part of The Boys’ Brigade, where members develop important skills as well as their knowledge about the BB before progressing onto the Company Section age group.

“The Boys’ Brigade began in Glasgow and belongs to the city.

“At the Juniors100 event there was the opportunity to take part in a range of challenges and games that members can experience within the age group as well as the chance to learn about the influence the BB had on famous members such as Sir Alex Ferguson.

“We were delighted to welcome the First Minister to our celebrations and we thank her for taking the time to see our activities first-hand and the positive comments she shared about The Boys’ Brigade.”

Boys Brigade and Nicola Sturgeon

Smile: Ms Sturgeon helps the boys achieve their task of being photographed with a politician. Photo credit: Stuart Buchanan

Gary McQueen, leader with the 130th Glasgow Boys’ Brigade, said: “The Boys’ Brigade continues to thrive in the west end of Glasgow and is it special to mark the 100th anniversary of Junior Section by joining with boys from across Glasgow to celebrate.

“The Junior Section, and the rest of The Boys’ Brigade, continues to evolve and remains as relevant to boys now as it was more than a century ago. Every boy had a great day and we were pleased to have taken part.”

The Boys’ Brigade was founded in Glasgow in 1883 by Sir William Alexander Smith and was the first voluntary uniformed youth movement in the world and later led to the creation of organisations such as the Scouts.

There are more than 500,000 members of the BB worldwide, with 3,000 members in Glasgow alone.