‘Try our free listings service now … you add your event and we tell the West End’

By Ellen Thomson at

Many of you have been using our free listings service.

We hope many more organisations get wise to the power of hyperlocal advertising.

You can load details of exhibitions, galas, openings etc directly onto our website.

Events and listings

Poster: lots of organisations put on different events throughout the year

And then let Glasgow West End Today do the rest.

If your event is free to attend, then our service is free to use.

We charge a small fee if your event is charged.

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to navigate the instructions – with 15 different boxes to fill in.

You will need an image ready to illustrate your post, and you will also need to describe your event … in anything from 100 to 200 words.

But apart from that, it’s all straightforward information we need.

Just go to the ‘events’ section in the menu and follow the instructions.

Events and listings

Festival: we can publicise a selection from your programme

Why use a website when we can use social media to get our message out?

Good question. Well, please use social media as well.

But often small organisations don’t have the social media reach to make posting effective.

If a group only has 50 followers it’s not likely it will get its message out very far.

What we can do is provide a platform that is visited by thousands of people every month (we had 24,000 unique user views in September).

But crucially we can also share your post via our social media platforms.

We aim to post your link ONCE on our Facebook page which has nearly 11,000 Likes and up to FIVE times on Twitter which has 1,500 followers.

Listing service

Poster: you just need to supply an image and a description of your event

Why do you offer this service for free?

Answer: Because to us it’s free content. And you do the work!

Your event post is valuable to us because people come to our site to read what’s going on.

It’s all good for our readership traffic – which matters in digital publishing.

So, please use our listing service whenever you can.

You are helping us to help you!


* We cannot accept separate listings for individual events that make up a festival programme.

* We may limit individual organisations to 2 or 3 three listings per festival programme.

* What is posted is at the discretion of Glasgow West End Today

* An event has to have relevance to our audience

* We reserve the right to limit social media posts depending on the content and subject of the events advertised

* Images must be engaging and sized appropriately