Write on any subject you like and use our hyperlocal pages to reach your audience

By Ian Marland at

It’s the start of a new year – and we’re giving you the opportunity to try something new.

Have you thought of writing about something that interests you – and getting those words out to people who want to read them?

Writing for Glasgow West End Today

Wanted: the new year is an ideal time to try something new

Well, we have a successful hyperlocal platform that could carry your words to the right people.

All you need to be is a good communicator with the ability to engage and inform through the written word.

The subject matter is entirely your choice – all we ask is that you write about something of local interest that will have a broad appeal to readers in the West End.

We can help with sourcing images, writing headlines and posting on the site.

But the words will be down to you – although we always edit to make sure copy abides by our digital style rules.

Writing for Glasgow West End Today

Offer: we provide images and copy presentation, you offer your expertise

You may be interested in local sport. If so, you may want to promote a local team or tournament.

You may be a keen cyclist. You may want to write a blog about your favourite routes around the West End, or some of the issues faced by cyclists.

Do you look after a local greenspace? You could write nature notes or do a diary on the seasons.

You may like visiting cafes and restaurants. We are always on the lookout for food reviewers.

Or do you like live music? You may have a club or music session that you want to promote.

The possibilities are endless. We can talk through any ideas you might have.

All we ask is that you keep the words engaging and the subject local.

Glasgow West End Today was launched in April 2016.


We are reaching 24,000 unique web users a month – and we are looking to grow content in 2018.

We are offering our platform free to general writers.

But if you are in business, we would be interested in a sponsored opportunity to promote what you do.

A blog post or a series of posts written by you, and presented in a bright and engaging way, could help promote your business.

If any of the above interests you, please get in touch.

Many thanks for reading.