VIDEO: Now you see it, now you don’t … Western infirmary gone in just 33 seconds

By Ian Marland at

Ever wondered what it’s like to see a hospital disappear in front of your eyes?

A doctor has posted a ‘time-lapse’ video showing the former Western Infirmary doing just that.

Gill Paterson photographed the building at regular intervals over the course of the last three months.

Western Infirmary

Disappearing: Western Infirmary vanishes before Gill’s eyes

The psychiatrist had a bird’s eye view of the site from her office at the nearby Douglas Inch Centre at Yorkhill.

She got into the habit of taking photos as the weeks passed – and as the building was slowly reduced by the demolition teams.

Gill posted the ‘time-lapse’ on Twitter as the building finally disappears.

It came at the end of her six-month secondment to the centre.

Western Infirmary

Shell: another view from the film shows the building a skeleton of its former self

She said in another tweet: “Really started to notice the work speeding on in October and got into habit of photographing from my clinic room.

“It’s been a bit sad, thinking of all the things that must have happened there, but also hopeful for the future.”

The film comes just days after Glasgow photographer Martin Shields caused a stir with a ‘new’ view of the West End.

His picture featured on this site shows a clear view of Glasgow University’s Belltower that has opened up since the hospital was demolished.

Film: courtesy of Dr Gill Paterson

The university has acquired the former hospital site and is in the process of building a new campus extension at Gilmorehill.

The first new building in the pipeline is a £40m Research Hub to meet the challenges energy demand and waste management and other issues.

Other buildings earmarked include a College of Arts, an Institute of Health and Wellbeing, the Adam Smith Business School and a School of Engineering.