‘Movement Park is a valuable asset to the community and accessible to all children’

By Ellen Thomson at

An innovative sport and movement-based charity based in Whiteinch has celebrated its first anniversary.

And some of Britain’s top Paralympic medallists were among the special guests attending a showcase celebration.

Movement park anniversary

Movement: the Whiteinch-based charity is one year old

Movement Park set out to have a positive impact on health, wellbeing, employability and social cohesion.

The venture is sponsored by Sportscotland and in its first year has launched its very own Ninja school, girls only sessions, youth clubs and even a disability sport hub.

The anniversary event saw Movement Park’s partners join with local businesses and members of the community.

They were treated to a range of demonstrations in Judo, Tricking, Parkour and even some Ninja Skills.

Free: An outdoor parkour space has been created in a yard next to the warehouse.

Convenor and co-founder of Movement Park is Stephen Sommerville.

He said: “This year has been a busy one for Movement Park with many of our activities now being enjoyed by a wide range of people.

“Year two is going to be an exciting one with so much on offer.

“For our one stop cost of only £15 people are really now starting to understand the quality and engagement our centre delivers. #MakingPeopleMatter”

Space: Movement Park is based in a converted warehouse in South Street.

One mum says of Movement Park: “Connor loves Movement Park and would in fact probably live there if he could.

“It has totally brought him out of his shell, given him the skills needed to meet new people, try new things and develop his confidence and obviously his movement.”

Another mum says: “Joseph is a very active boy who loves running, jumping and climbing.

“We’ve struggled with more structured activities so Ninja Toddlers is perfect for us. We love coming along.”

Legacy: The park was inspired by coaches involved in Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games.

Urban: The centre has been adorned with its own street art.

James Kerr, headteacher at St Paul’s Primary School, said: “Movement Park has made a tremendous difference to many children in St Paul’s.

“They are wonderful partners and have got to know the children and staff very well.

“Movement Park is a valuable asset to the community and is accessible to all children.

“The staff are experts in what they do and think very carefully how they can maximise everyone’s potential.

“We are happy to work with Movement Park and see it as a valuable partner in ensuring equity of opportunity for all children.”

Hope: The centre aims to involve the Whiteinch community in family activities.

Watch: Stephen Somerville talks about what makes Movement Park special.

See http://www.movementpark.org.uk/ for booking details.