‘We offer West End parents an alternative solution to childcare over Easter holidays’

By Ellen Thomson at

An activity camp in the West End is promising to give children an alternative to sitting on their iPads this Easter.

Summer in the City has two camps in the Glasgow area: Jordanhill School and Craigholme sports complex in the south side of the city.

Summer in the city

Base: Summer In The City has a camp at Jordanhill School

The company has seen a period of growth over the last year which has seen them open their third camp in South Croydon, London.

Founder Nicola Pitticas said: “We are delighted to offer parents an alternative solution to childcare over the holiday periods.

“We are the best and some of the cheapest fun around the city.

“We are proud of the ethos and atmosphere that we have created at our camps.

“We want our campers to come and have fun, make friends and actually have the opportunity to get outside and play sport or try an activity that they maybe haven’t done before.

Summer in the city

Proud: the camps have an ethos of fun activity without the modern distraction of technology

“Our camps are simple in this new age of technology: no phones, no ipads, no ipods, no gameboys.

“For the time you are at camp you get to be outside, run around, play with your friends, make new ones, lose old ones, try new things and most of all enjoy being a kid.

“It doesn’t matter where you are from or what school you attend, all are welcome at SITC camp.”

She also paid tribute to her staff: “They have been invaluable to Summer in the City, ensuring the kids get something special every year!


“Our campers love them and they work so hard to build relationships that inspire them to try new sports or activities or to simply make new friends.

“They help these kids to have the confidence to go up to their peers, introduce themselves and ask them to play.

The company is coming into its eighth year of operation and is hoping that this year is bigger and better than ever.

All booking information can be found on the company’s website