End of the line for the Hyndland Station Cat as pet’s owners move to pastures new

By Ellen Thomson at

Hermes the Hyndland Station Cat has called it a day – after his owners decided to move.

The friendly black and white cat is known to hundreds of commuters who use the busy station every day.

Hyndland Station Cat

Patrol: Hermes was regularly seen sitting in the underpass at Hyndland Station

He was known to more people around the world, however, after a social media account was set up in his name.

For the last two years or so, fans have been posting Tweets of his adventures and thoughts.

But it looks as though Hermes is already at his new undisclosed home in the “Scottish countryside”.

His departure comes just four months after he was feared lost for good when he disappeared from his station beat.

Hyndland Station Cat

Concern: Hermes sparked alarm when he went missing for almost three weeks over Christmas

His thousands of twitter fans retweeted dozens of appeals for his whereabouts before he was found on January 2.

Announcing his departure this week, his Twitter feed posted: “My dear friends…I have some news.

“This will be my last week on Twitter, as I am moving to start a new adventure in the Scottish countryside.

“Over the next few days I will recap some of my favourite moments, but today, I will share my last day in Hyndland…”

How the news was announced on Twitter

Neither Hermes’ human owners nor his Twitter alter ego have been revealed to his many followers.

Staff at the nearby Beatson Cancer Charity were closely linked with the celebrity cat.

He had featured on the charity’s calendar raising funds for the organisation.

He even had a name badge made up for him by ScotRail and fans would often share their own pictures of him.

Hyndland Station Cat

Fundraiser: Hermes has made friends at the nearby Beatson Cancer Charity

Appeal: how Hermes’ disappearance was reported on Twitter last year

His Twitter handler told Glasgow West End Today: “We will all miss him a lot.

“But this is a much MUCH happier ending than what it might have been.

“Thankfully he returned home after his adventures to give us another couple of months of cuteness!

“So we will always be grateful for that!”


Fans took to Twitter to say farewell to their friend.

One said: “All the best for you, Hermes, we will miss you!”

Another said: “Really going to miss your tweets. Please leave some signs around the station and hospital with your picture to let you friends know that you moved and nothing happened to you.”

Here’s to Hermes and all the happy times he has brought travellers using Hyndland Station.

Let’s hope the trains are running at his new home!