Parking zones … Hyndland, Hughenden, and Dowanhill have until June 25 to object

By Ian Marland at

The latest roll-out of restricted parking zones in the West End has been advertised.

Detailed maps setting out the proposals for Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West have also gone live.

Parking order attached to a lamppost

Advertised: the order setting out the parking restrictions has been posted around the area

Signs are also up across the areas affected, spelling out the order.

Any objections are to be directed to the council by a deadline of June 25.

A page on the council website reads: “The statutory process for the Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West (Traffic Management and Parking Controls) Order has now commenced.

“A Notice has been advertised in the Evening Times on Thursday 24 May 2018.

“On-street notices are currently being displayed throughout the affected area.

“Information regarding these proposals will be available to view here from Thursday 24 May 2018 to Monday 25 June 2018 (see link below)”

The controversial measures have been introduced in other parts of the West End.

Restricted parking zones

Bays: Parking measures for Byres Road and Dowanhill East were brought in March 2017.

Their aim is to cut down on commuters taking up residential parking during the day.

Residents struggle on a daily basis to find spaces near to their houses.

Permits have been introduced to guarantee residents space at night, with charges brought in during the day.

The council page says: “Indiscriminate and obstructive parking practices affects access by emergency service, delivery and refuse collection vehicles and creates a road safety issue for vulnerable road users including pedestrians.

“The West End of Glasgow has excellent bus, train and subway transport links which unfortunately attracts commuters driving to the area and using the residential streets to park‑and‑ride resulting in the kerbside road space being sterilised by all day parking with indiscriminate and obstructive parking practices commonplace.

‘Improving air quality’

“The introduction of parking controls is an effective way of managing the demand for the finite road space available by preventing all day parking thus reducing the traffic attracted to the area whilst increasing the turnover of parking spaces and improving air quality, road safety and traffic flow.

“It is also recognised that night time parking pressures exist for residents particularly in the Hyndland area hence additional one way roads are proposed which will assist with maximising the number of parking spaces where safe to do so as two-way roads require passing places to be introduced at the expense of parking spaces.

“On certain roads parking will only be permitted on one side due to the limited road widths.

“A 20mph Zone is also proposed to complement this Order which will be promoted in parallel under a different 20mph Order with both proposed to be introduced simultaneously.”

* Anyone wanting to study the proposals can visit here