‘Friday’s fire has devastated so many who share our sadness’ – the owners of O2ABC

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The owners of the O2ABC music venue say it is too soon to say what will happen to the building.

The famous music spot was severely damaged in Friday’s fire which is believed to have started in the adjacent Mackintosh building.

Outpourings of loss and sadness have followed the tragic destruction of the city’s famous institutions.

The O2ABC venue

Adjacent: the Mackintosh building and the O2ABC venue are close neighbours

Fears are that the Glasgow School of Art building may be lost for forever.

But concern is also growing for the future of the neighbouring music venue.

In a statement, Academy Music Group said its venue remains under the control of the emergency services.

It said its “immediate priority is to our staff and also to the artists and promoters who have events programmed into our diary”.

The statement went on: “The messages of support we have received has been incredibly overwhelming and we are grateful to everyone for their understanding and patience at what is a difficult and challenging time, in exceptional and unforeseen circumstances.”

Graham Walters is the chief operating officer of Academy Music Group.

He said: “Firstly we would like to thank the emergency services, especially the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, whose instantaneous action prevented any casualties, and for that they must be whole-heartedly commended.

“O2 ABC Glasgow is a historic venue much-loved by many, none more than us, and the events of Friday night have devastated so many in our industry who share our sadness.”

‘We are all distraught’

Mark Mackie is managing director of music promoter Regular Music – a shareholder in the venue.

He said: “We are all distraught.

“I remember going to see movies here with my mum and when we opened our venue all those years ago, we came up with fancy names, but then everyone knew what it was; it’s such a landmark building.

“She said, why are you trying to change the name of this venue just call it what is was meant to be, that’s what everyone knows it as and the rest, as they say is history.

Watch: The O2ABC catches fire in the early hours of Saturday morning. By permission of @bl4irrr

“O2 ABC Glasgow is an institution in the City; it’s as old as the Art School.”

“O2 ABC Glasgow is an institution in the City; it’s as old as the Art School”

Mark Mackie

The group said it could not make any comment “regarding the future of O2 ABC Glasgow whilst the venue is under the control of the emergency services”.

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