A grandmother’s loving gift that survived the Nazis is taken in Glasgow flat break-in

By Ian Marland at

Its previous owner was a brave woman who fled the Nazi occupation of Warsaw.

Many years later and after starting a new life in the UK, Teresa Hartry gifted the amber necklace to her granddaughter.

Joanna Taylor and her necklace

Gift: Joanna with the amber necklace that means “the world” to her

Now that gift has been taken by thieves who raided a flat in Havelock Street in the West End of Glasgow.

Joanna Taylor is making a desperate appeal to be reunited with the special token that means “the world” to her.

She has shared a post on Facebook in the hope of being reunited with the necklace.

It reads: “On Friday 6/7/2018 my grandmother’s necklace was taken in a flat burglary in West Glasgow.

‘It’s broken, it has no monetary value, but it means the world to me’

“When she gave it to me for my 16th birthday she said she’d been wearing it when she escaped Poland during WW2.

“It’s survived the Nazis flattening Warsaw, but not that I live in Glasgow.

“It’s broken, it has no monetary value, but it means the world to me.

“I desperately want it back.”

Joanna Taylor and her necklace

Brave: Teresa who fled Nazis-occupied Poland with Joanna’s aunt. With permission of Krystyna Mew

She adds: “It’s an irregular shaped amber stone, an unusual free flowing twisted silver setting, and an antique silver chain.

“If anybody is able to help reunite me with it, please contact this address comehomeamber@gmail.com

Joanna, 35, a freelance archive producer, told Glasgow West End Today Teresa had been a very special woman.

She said: “At 16 she and her sister ran messages for the Polish resistance.

“Warsaw was soon bombed to cinders, and along with the cities other survivors they had to flee with nothing but the clothes on their back.

Joanna Taylor and her necklace

Heartless: the scene of the break-in at Joanna’s flat

“She was wearing the necklace that’s been stolen, which had previously belonged to my great grandma.

“At length she eventually ended up in a post war Britain where she became an architect.”

The necklace was taken with other jewellery during the break-in.

Joanna returned home to find that someone had forced the lock on a bathroom window.

Joanna said: “All of my jewellery was taken, but no electronic items.

Joanna Taylor and her necklace

Raid: the necklace was taken in a burglary in Havelock Street earlier this month

“I had a bundle of inherited things from both of my grandmas, but that one necklace has the most importance to me.”

Teresa’s new life with her husband in the UK was the subject of a story on BBC Online news last year.

It told of how she and her husband Edek created a new vision of post-war design inspired by their experiences of war.