MSP calls for urban pigeon lofts to tackle health nuisance linked to bird droppings

By Ellen Thomson at

Urban dovecotes should be used to tackle the health menace of pigeon droppings.

The public should also be educated about the health impact of feeding the city’s pigeons.

These are measures being called for by Glasgow MSP Sandra White.

She wants Glasgow City Council to increase efforts to tackle nuisance related to pigeons.


Health: the Glasgow Kelvin MSP says the public should be educated about the impact of feeding pigeons

Her calls follow recent health cases linked to bird droppings at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

The Glasgow Kelvin MSP wants the council to consider new awareness raising strategies and sustainable control methods.

Ms White is promoting information campaigns that aim to educate the public on the anti-social impact of pigeon feeding.

The MSP who represents Glasgow’s City Centre and West End also hopes that GCC will look at pigeon-lofts as an ethical option.

‘Renewed focus’

These avoid the need for the culling of birds.

Instead trained staff manage purpose built lofts and replace physical eggs with dummy products – in turn sustainably reducing the population.

Sandra said: “With recent health concerns related to bacterial infections from pigeon droppings, and concerns from the public related to nuisance, slips and falls, and over-population, Glasgow needs a renewed focus on controlling the pigeon population.

“Cities across Europe are increasingly looking towards new methods that replace ineffective lethal culling with a focus on maintaining and controlling a small pigeon population, which can be sustainably reduced through the management of eggs.

Pigeons in George Square

Doos: pigeons muster in George Square Glasgow

“At the end of the day, despite a concerted effort by GCC over a number of years to reduce pigeon numbers, these birds are robust and will thrive where there is food and safe dwellings.

“Our urban spaces provide an ideal habitat for pigeons and in turn all the problems that they bring; however, humane and effective efforts elsewhere can show a successful alternative for Glasgow.”

“With increased public concern about the bacteria and disease from pigeon droppings, it is clear we need a more intelligent approach as how best to manage this issue.

“The deployment of urban dovecotes in chosen locations allows us to concentrate efforts for cleansing of waste, and reduction of eggs – this approach has already seen significant positive changes in cities such as Cadiz and Ljubljana, amongst others.

“Therefore, I would like to see GCC, working with our public bodies, including schools and the health service, to explore options that are influenced by methods that have been successful in bringing pigeon populations under sustainable control – reducing overall numbers, and in turn lessening the impact to public health and life.”