Police patrols to enforce Kelvingrove Park alcohol ban over Easter holiday weekend

By Ellen Thomson at

Sunseekers are being warned not to consume alcohol in Kelvingrove Park.

Extra police patrols will be out over the Easter break to remind people of the law.

Temperatures are already rising at the start of the holiday weekend.

Litter in Kelvingrove Park

Mess: litter appears to have been made worse by people drinking and not clearing up

Hundreds of people are expected to sit out in the city’s parks over the coming few days.

But Kelvingrove Park is among a number of parks covered by local laws banning alcohol from being consumed.

Last year, booze was blamed for a number of disturbances as temperatures soared.

Empty beer bottles and cans were also a large part of a litter problem.

Clean-up behaviour

Glasgow City Council has since introduced new king-sized bins to alleviate that headache.

But it seems Police Scotland want to clean up behaviour too.

A tweet was posted by the force’s North West city sub-division.

It urges people to act responsibly.

Clarendon Street till raid

Extra police patrols will be out over the holiday

And it warned people that they face being charged if caught in the act of consuming alcohol.

The tweet read: “Extra patrols have been organised for this weekend in Kelvingrove Park.

“Weather looks nice and we remind all persons to act responsibly.

“Remember drinking alcohol in the park is an offence.

“Don’t take the chance of being charged.”