Doris has her day … mother hatches first duckling on her precarious Hyndland nest

By Ellen Thomson at

A duck nesting on a window bay in Hyndland has hatched her first youngster  – but not without some drama.

The duckling appeared over the weekend on the nest which is three floors up on Westbourne Road.

Michelle Grimley whose flat overlooks the bay roof where the mother is perched spotted the youngster.


The first arrival on Doris’ Hyndland window nest

She managed to catch the duckling after it got caught in some netting.

But the youngster tumbled into a garden after stumbling from the bay roof.

The bird is now with carers at the SSPCA.

Meanwhile, the mother – who has been named Doris by her human minders – has returned to the nest.

Duck on the bay

Safe: a TV image of mother and her nest. Photo: Michelle Grimley

Another five eggs have still to hatch.

Michelle said: “I managed to capture the first one as it had got itself tangled in the netting.

“I popped it into a box and it shouted really loudly for mum (who was watching proceedings and quaking commands from the neighbouring roof.)

“The duckling sounded distressed so I tipped the box over so it could shelter in the nest.

“However when the SSPCA officer arrived it had managed to throw itself from the window and crash landed into our downstairs neighbours garden.

Duck on window

Soul parent: just sitting, the duck of the bay. Photo: Michelle Grimley

“We found it, gave if over to the officer and awaited the return of Doris to sit on the remaining 5 eggs.”

Doris has been on her nest for more than two weeks.

It’s thought she chose the elevated perch to avoid predators such as foxes.

Michelle has been using a camera rigged up to the TV to monitor the nest.


Michelle told Glasgow West End Today: “The duckling was fine and seemed unharmed by the activity.

“We are now on duckling watch …it’s been a roller coaster already.”

The plan is to rehome Doris and her other brood at a suitable location nearby.

Michelle said they hoped to take Doris and other chicks along to Bingham’s Pond when they arrive.