Hyndland rail station’s ‘pointless’ hinged windows spark heated debate on Twitter

By Ellen Thomson at

The strange case of Hyndland rail station’s opening windows has been raising a smile this week – across the world.

The perplexing design of the station’s open-aired footbridge has been a hot topic on social media.

Hospital worker Natalie O’Donoghue tweeted a picture showing how two windows had been opened during the heatwave.


The windows were unlocked and opened during the hot weather

She wrote: “It’s quite warm so they’ve opened the windows that nobody can explain at Hyndland station.”

Her post has been retweeted nearly a thousand times and liked by more than 7,000 people.

Station users have long puzzled over the rows of opening, hinged windows on the roofless footbridge.

The windows are usually locked, but the fact they were unlocked and opened during the hot weather this week has only deepened their mystery.

People were quick to throw in a theory or two.

Windows at Hyndland

The windows are usually locked – but not this week

One said: “It’s so people can enjoy the nice summer breeze Natalie, I don’t get what you don’t understand.”

Another wag said: “The problem is the air conditioning doesn’t work properly if the windows are open.”

Someone else commented: “Perhaps the walkway was going to be enclosed at some point.

“Probably scrapped due to costs.”

‘No idea’

Glasgow West End Today tweeted ScotRail to see if it or its rail partners could shed light on the issue.

Natalie suggested the authorities had admitted in the past that they were equally as clueless about why the windows were there.

She replied to one post saying: “Someone tweeted ScotRail a while ago and even they were like ‘we have no idea’.”

As soon as ScotRail or someone else comes back to us, we will let you know.

The tweet that raised a smile

Natalie, who works at Gartnavel Royal Hospital, told us: “I still have no idea why they windows are there.

“There have been great twitter theories though, and I’ve ruled out cleaning as they don’t swivel enough.

“The post seems to have made people laugh and we’ve got people as far as Malaysia trying to work out a purpose for them being opened.”