Partick clothes designer finds answer to ‘fast fashion’ in ethical brand called ‘Lost’

By Ian Marland at

A Partick fashion designer is to show her first collection of ethical clothes sourced from sustainable materials.

Penny Herne has no formal fashion training or background but was inspired to create her Lost Clothing brand following her travels abroad.

The 28-year-old has seen first hand the effect humans are having on the planet and how creatures and habitats are being put at risk.


Penny’s Lost Clothing brand

Penny is presenting her debut basics collection later this month in Glasgow.

It features T-shirts, tracksuits and a selection of women’s and children’s garments.

Her clothes are made from organic cotton and produced with 90% reduced CO2, according to Penny.

She says she was ‘conned’ by people she thought would help her on her way to setting up her business.

Lost Clothing

Penny Herne was inspired by her travels abroad

She lost money but has overcome the setbacks to get to where she is now – the boss of her own brand.

Penny says: “I wanted to do something to not only help the planet, I wanted to help people and provide education.

“Fashion effects everyone and yet not a lot of us think about your clothes journey to shop floor or the effects of £2 t-shirt have on the planet.

“I am guilty of this at times too. I am by no means a expert or have never owned a item form Primark, because I have.

“I originally planned to do t-shirts and bags … when I was in Thailand and went to see about it.”

Lost Clothing

The debut collection will be shown in Glasgow later this month

Penny say is shocked by how poorly people in the fashion industry get treated, making garments for “pennies that are made to fall apart”.

She says: “I didn’t only want to make sure everyone that worked on my products were treated fairly, I also wanted to give back to the local community.

“So I have decided to give back to mental health charities as it is something close to home and I have been on the journey myself.”

* Penny Herne is presenting her debut basics collection on August 18 at 12:30pm at Move Studio 27 Stockwell Place.

* For more information visit