When you list your event with us we will push it on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

By Ellen Thomson at

We’d like to tell you about our simple listings service.

For a small fee – or for free if your event is not ticketed or is a charity event – we can list your fete, gala, exhibition, or concert.

We think it’s worth your while because we have one of the best and most engaged dedicated audiences in the West End.

You load your details and picture (s) – and we do the rest by actively promoting what you’ve listed.

Outdoor ceilidh at Kelvingrove

Wouldn’t you love to tap into our West End audience?

For a free listing, this is what we do:

* Tweet x 4 – sharing across Glasgow West End Today’s 6,000+ Twitter followers. We will tweet as soon as you list your event, and then tweet again in the days running up to the event. Both tweets will be retweeted

* Facebook post – we will link to our Facebook page which has more than 15,000 followers

* Instagram – last but not least, we will aim to share your image and listing on Instagram

For a paid-for ticketed event, we will do this:

* Tweet x 8 – we will actively promote on Twitter. We will link your event to four different tweets that we create and retweet each

* Facebook post – we will link to our Facebook page which has more than 15,000 followers

* Instagram – we will aim to share your image and listing on Instagram

Outdoor ceilidh at Kelvingrove

Events are the lifeblood of Glasgow’s cultural scene

Why use Glasgow West End Today to list your event?

We have a strong and active audience on our social media channels.

With numbers growing organically all the time, our audience is ‘real’ and engaged.

Take Twitter for instance. More than 60% of our followers live in Glasgow and 83% are in Scotland, according to Tweepsmaps.

We regularly generate strong engagement, according to social media tracker SumAll.


In the first week of August (2019), retweets of our content hit a reach of more than 1 million.

OK, that was a very good week, but we regularly reach six-digit figures.

Facebook is a great way to post your events – but not even this giant will readily push out your listing to a specifically West End audience.

What we do, where other’s don’t, is actively promote events on a specifically West End platform.

Glasgow Wes End Today

Growth: We’ve gone from zero to 23,000 social media followers in just three years

What do I need to do?

It’s simple. You take control. It will take just a few minutes to prepare and load your listing.

  • Think of 200 words or so to describe what your event is about
  • Select a strong banner image – that’s letterbox shaped – to go with it
  • Then go to the ‘events’ section in the menu bar on our website – wwww.glasgowwestend.today
  • Click on the ‘List Your Own Event’ button. Fill in the details about your event
  • It takes 5 to 10 minutes to navigate the instructions – with 15 different boxes to fill in
  • Remember to use a banner-shaped image – minimum 1024 x 500 pixels for best results. Max upload size 2MB
  • Try to use a strong, simple image – a location shot is better than a poster covered in text. By all means include a poster as well, but DON’T make the poster the main feature image
  • Make sure the picture is properly uploaded. It should come up in the view box on the page
  • When you’re happy with your post – and you have checked the details – hit ‘confirm details’
  • You should see a simple ‘thank you’ message on the page
  • You should also receive an auto-email saying your post has been submitted and will be reviewed shortly before posting.
  • When your post is published – usually within 24 hours – make sure to check over the details.
  • If you see any errors, please email us glasgowWE@hyperlocaltoday.co.uk and we can rectify.
Outdoor ceilidh at Kelvingrove

It is simple to load your own details on to the site

What does it cost?

Events that are either free or for a charitable cause will not be charged.

Events that are priced and ticketed, including fundraising events for a non-charitable organisations, will be charged £20.

But remember, that fee buys you active promotion across out social media channels.

Is there anything else?

Yes, there is. Thanks for asking. We offer this service free or at low-cost because it drives traffic to our website.

We are often asked to promote events by sharing them on Facebook, which we are happy to do in some cases.

But that doesn’t bring anyone to our website.

So, please use our listing service whenever you can.

You are helping us to help you!


Sign for Byres Road

Reach our growing and engaged West End audience


* We cannot accept separate listings for individual events that make up a festival programme.

* We may limit individual organisations to 2 or 3 three listings per festival programme.

* What is accepted is at the discretion of Glasgow West End Today

* An event has to have relevance to our audience

* We reserve the right to limit social media posts depending on the content and subject of the events advertised

* Images must be engaging and sized appropriately

* Poor or weak images will really struggle on Instagram, so we reserve the right to withhold sharing this way