Zoned parking around Hyndland goes live amid confusion and payment meter glitch

By Ellen Thomson at

A glitch has hit payment meters in the West End’s latest restricted parking zone.

The new parking regime across Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West went ‘live’ on Monday.

But motorists have been unable to make payments on the newly-installed meters.

Parking meter

Parking meters have been installed but have not been in working order

Glasgow city council said problems were expected to be ironed out by the close of today (Thursday August 29).

Motorists are being given a week’s grace before penalty enforcement begins.

Warning notices have been posted on cars not registered as permit holders or parked outwith the new bays.

Motorists who flout the rules can expect to be ticketed from next week.


Fixed penalty notices will cost people £60 – or £30 if uncontested and paid within 14 days.

Residents have taken to social media to voice confusion over the new regime.

One resident writing on the Nextdoor site said there were not enough permits for visitors.

Others described the rollout as a “shambles”.

But other residents said staff had been “exceptionally helpful” and their permits were in order.

Warning ticket

Warning notices have been placed on vehicles

A council spokesman said: “Unfortunately there has been some technical difficulties with the parking meters in the area, which has meant they have so far not been able to receive payments.

“We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused but it is anticipated that these issues will be resolved by Thursday, August 29.

“However, it was always intended to have a short period of soft enforcement at the start of the scheme where warnings are issued rather than parking tickets.”

All residents who required a permit at the start of the scheme have been issued with their permits, according to the spokesman.

He said: “The renewal date for resident permits in 2020 is designed to take account of this period of soft enforcement.

‘Road safety’

“These parking schemes have been successful in other communities and we are confident that Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West will experience similar benefits.

“Permit schemes help to reduce commuter parking and increase the availability of spaces closer to people’s homes.

“Fewer parked cars also means greater road safety, particularly for pedestrians, and ease of access to streets for vehicles from the emergency and cleansing services.”

The new zones will forbid any vehicle to park or wait outside the bays.

Yellow lines have been removed but that doesn’t mean cars can park in lanes or roads with no bays.

Some cars are still parking in the lanes – but they may be in for a surprise from next week.