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Giovanna Eusebi says science behind her ‘pasta lab’ will make all of us better cooks

By Ellen Thomson at

Glasgow restaurateur Giovanna Eusebi says she wants us all to make our own home-made pasta – because she says it’s easy and healthy.

And she has been sharing the secrets of her own ‘pasta lab’ where hundreds of freshly-made servings are produced every day.

The owner of Eusebi Deli in the city’s West Ends wants to encourage more Scots to make their own pasta from scratch.

Eusebi's Deli

Eusebi’s Deli

She has long championed authentic handmade pasta as a healthy, cheap and sustainable ingredient.

Speaking ahead of World Pasta Day this Friday (25 October), Giovanna said: “The premise of making fresh pasta daily in the restaurant came straight from my Nonna’s table in Italy.

“In the original Shettleston deli, we hand-rolled pasta every single day, to a simple recipe which has been passed down through the generations.

‘Honest cooking’

“At Eusebi’s, we value genuine, honest cooking and make everything from scratch.

“The whole team here is dedicated to fresh, authentic, simple pasta, made by hand every day, as my grandmothers and their grandmothers did.”

Giovanna’s aim is to demystify the art of pasta-making and inspire more people to try their hand at creating their own fresh pasta this autumn.

Giovanna Eusebi

Giovanna Eusebi. Photo credit Kirsty Anderson / Herald & Times

Eusebi’s is home to Glasgow’s only pasta lab, where fresh pasta is hand-rolled daily, using just two ingredients: flour and eggs, with no preservatives or chemicals.

The Eusebi’s team creates more than 200 plates of pasta daily, with some of the deli and restaurant’s most popular dishes including black truffle fettucine and papparedelle with gorgonzola and red onion.

Giovanna, whose parents opened the original Eusebi Deli in Shettleston more than 40 years ago, is now encouraging home cooks to experiment not only with seasonal recipes, but with alternative ways of making pasta itself.

‘So easy’

Since opening Eusebi’s in Glasgow’s West End four years ago, Giovanna and her team have continually adapted their staple pasta recipe with alternative flours, such as chestnut, pea and kamut, an ancient grain related to modern wheat – as well as using squid ink, beetroot, peppers and a range of other vegetables to organically colour the dough.

As well as providing a naturally sweet, autumnal flavouring, chestnut flour is a popular gluten free alternative to traditional wheat flour.

Giovanna says: “Pasta-making is something which many people can find daunting, but it really is so easy.

“It’s a myth that you have to own a pasta machine – the only piece of kit you need is a rolling pin.

Pasta dish

One of the pasta dishes produced thanks to Eusebi’s ‘pasta lab’

“My top tip is to make sure you use the very best flour and eggs; the quality of your ingredients is so important.

“Make sure to let the dough rest before rolling it out, and remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t give up.”

* Image in title page taken from video courtesy of Martin Windebank.