‘Biggest St Andrew’s Day parade yet just shows interest in Scotland’s national day’

By Ellen Thomson at

The St Andrew’s Day torchlight parade in Glasgow has seen a record turnout.

Around 1,000 people marked Scotland’s national day with a spectacular event in Glasgow’s West End.


The spectacle lit up the West End. Photo credit: Martin Shields

Byres Road was bathed in winter torchlight as marchers defied the freezing cold.

Organisers said the fourth annual event was the biggest yet.

The procession made its way from outside the Kibble Palace within the Botanic Gardens just before 7pm.

Woman with face paint

Those taking part were marking Scotland’s national day. Photograph by Martin Shields

Hundreds of people lined the streets as the procession lit up the late autumn night.

Those taking part were wrapped up to the hilt against the bitter temperatures.

Images of the night were being posted on social media within minutes of the parade starting.

Street parade

The procession made its away along Byres Road. Photograph by Martin Shields

Photographer Martin Shields once again captured the parade in a series of stunning pictures.

The St Andrew’s Day Torchlight Parade is organised by the West End Festival community organisation.

The event is part of the Scotland’s Winter Festivals programme and aims to encourage more people to celebrate Scotland’s national day.

Street parade

The torchlights against the Kibble Palace. Photograph by Martin Shields

Two people with a torch

Photo credit: Martin Shields

An awareness campaign ran in the lead up to the event.

International students from Glasgow University documented what makes Glasgow special for them through short videos.

Street parade

The event is organised by the West End Festival team. Photograph by Martin Shields


Photo credit: Martin Shields

Michael Dale is the West End Festival director.

He said: “We have strong international links and it was important for us to make sure we were inclusive to all the different communities here in Glasgow and indeed Scotland.

“We want to thank the students for their time and hope they have a deeper connection with our dear green place, now.”

Scotland will observe St Andrew’s Day as a public holiday on Monday 2 December as St Andrew’s Day falls on a weekend.

Three people

The event is part of the Scotland’s Winter Festivals. Photograph by Martin Shields

Parade of torches

Photo credit: Martin Shields

Liz Scobie, chairman of West End Festival, said: “We’re thrilled that this is the biggest St Andrew’s Day parade we’ve had.

“It shows that there is public interest in marking Scotland’s national day.

“What a fantastic evening we’ve had.”