Join our new ‘West End’ WhatsApp group so we can create the stories that help you

By Ian Marland at

We want to use our West End platform to help businesses and groups in hard times.

To make our content work, we need your photos, videos and words.

That’s why we have set up a new WhatsApp group for Glasgow West End Today.


We want to use our platform to help businesses and groups

It is predominantly for businesses – owners managers and staff – and groups who want to get their message out to our targeted audience.

We have more than 26,000 social media followers – and that audience is engaged, local and growing in number.

Having you on our WhatsApp group will make it easier to put together our content.

We need engaging photographs that tell a story of the here and now.

Classy promo shots are nice, but they often don’t ‘travel’ online or on social media.

Your story

Channels such as Twitter and Facebook react well to real-time photographs gathered on mobile phones.

An impromptu selfie in the restaurant kitchen will have more traction than a studio portrait.

We are going to be spending weeks and months telling your story.

Restrictions will make it harder for us to gather content such as photographs and video directly.

And your time will be at a premium because of the new climate.

Outdoor ceilidh at Kelvingrove

Our audience is engaged, local and growing in number.

So, help us to help you by joining our group.

WhatsApp is free and easy to share the content we need.

It’s less hassle than email and is able to share large digital files quickly.

Engage and interact as much as you want.

Mute any time the chat gets too much.

We aim to manage the channel to ensure chat is only between certain hours.

You are free to leave the group at any time.

Shining a light

Our hope is that the right content can have the maximum impact.

The virus crisis is doing many things to the way people live their lives.

We hope to make a difference by shining a light on the pressures facing our shops, restaurants, local groups and organisations.

Many are already turning their operations to the community good.

Businesses that can adapt quickly and utilise their resources and skills in a new way are giving themselves a chance of riding out the storm.

We think good content can have a beneficial impact on your business.

There is no charge for this group it is a free service.

Thank you, Ian. Editor