‘Just £2 covers the cost of a visor – we are grateful for all donations, however small’

By Ian Marland at

West End arts and music venue SWG3 is spearheading a campaign to raise £50,000 for the production of personal protective equipment.

The venue is supporting Kelvinside Academy, which has recently transformed its Innovation School building into a PPE manufacturing and distribution point.

Kelvinside Academy, Caldervale High School and their wider partner schools’ network has produced and delivered more than 5000 custom-built visors.


The visors being made at Kelvinside Academy.

The equipment made at the West End school is going to hospitals, surgeries, pharmacies and care homes across Greater Glasgow, including Wishaw General Hospital, Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Glasgow West End Today featured the school’s remarkable efforts earlier in the week.

One S2 pupil Ben Faulkner has been printing 3D visors from home and delivering to local care services.


Now SWG3 have set up a Go Fund Me page to support the schools and provide the general public with the opportunity to donate and help properly armour as many NHS and health care workers as possible.

By securing a further £50,000, the west end school – with the help of local companies – will be able to increase output by an additional 1500 visors per day.

Output from the school is not only benefiting Glasgow workers, but visors are heading as far as Skye in the Western Isles.

In addition to setting up the funding page, SWG3; along with other local businesses has been working on connecting the school with an army of independent laser cutters and 3D printers to assist with the PPE production.

Staff with visors

NHS staff with a message of thanks to pupil Ben Faulkner.

Andrew Fleming-Brown, founder and Director of SWG3, said: “Following the reported shortage of personal protective equipment for frontline NHS staff, we felt it absolutely critical to offer any support to organisations in the Glasgow area working to tackle this deficiency.

He added: “What Kelvinside Academy is doing is nothing short of phenomenal, but they need support to keep momentum and build capacity through independent printers.

“We call on everyone in our network to help ensure they can continue their vital work.


“Just £2 covers the cost of one visor, so we are grateful for donations of any sizes – however small.

Earlier this week Kelvinside Academy issued a plea for donations of the basic visor materials including acrylic sheets, but with the demand growing further help is needed as the crisis escalates.

David Miller, Director of the Innovation School at Kelvinside said: “Medical and care staff are on the front-line of this crisis, but to save lives, they themselves need to be protected.

“It has been humbling to meet the doctors, nurses and care staff behind the need; these visors are in many cases that crucial extra layer protecting front line staff in these incredibly challenging times.”

Kelvinside Academy Innovation School are producing PPE to distributr to hospitals and care homes duting teh Covid-19 pandemic 3 April 2020,. L-R School Rector Dan Wyatt and David Miller, head of the Innovation School with the protective safety masks being made at Kelvinside Academy Innovation School

The network of schools currently involved in this national effort to produce PPE equipment, includes Larbert High School, St Luke’s Barrhead, Caldervale High, Denny High School, Graeme High School and Knox Academy.

Many of these schools remain open and operational throughout the Easter holidays to address this urgent need.

Due to the sudden enormous demand, there is a critical shortage of medical PPE at the moment, and as the pandemic worsens supplies are dwindling.

Medical institutions across the country have reached out to the 3D printing community for help and support in overcoming these shortages.

* For anyone that might want to donate, you can visit the Go Fund Me page here.