‘We need a pool of volunteer drivers to collect supplies from local supermarkets’

By Ian Marland at

An emergency food operation being co-ordinated from a local pub has put a call out for volunteer drivers.

David Maguire and his team at 1051GWR have provided thousands of free meals since lockdown began.

Three people in restaurant

Staff: Steven Caputa, Maggie Davidson and David Maguire

A menu of pizza, pasta and soup has been served free of charge to NHS staff, doctors and nurses.

The meals, freshly cooked on the premises, are also going to local charities and homeless people temporarily housed in the city’s hostels.

Money for the operation is coming from public and charitable donations.

So far, nearly £50,000 of a £65,000 target has been raised, and Glasgow City Council has provided funds to support the meals going to homeless people.

‘Great opportunity’

David says the food operation is moving into a new phase which may last up to six weeks.

He needs volunteers with cars to help collect surplus food and supplies from local supermarkets.

He told Glasgow West End Today: “We have agreed arrangements with a number of stores to take their surplus stock.

“This is a great opportunity, I think, for people who can drive a car for, say, one night a week.

“They will go to a couple of supermarkets, pick stuff up, put it in the car and then bring it here.

David Maguire at 1051 GWR

David Maguire and his team at 1051 GWR have provided thousands of free meals since lockdown began.

“We are a really central location here. We have plenty of space and its a safe location.

“They are coming to a place that is well lit.

“We are co-ordinating the pick-ups. All we want drivers to do is literally pick up.

“They don’t have to do anything else. I am thinking we might need up to 50 people.”

David said normal arrangements to disperse surplus supermarket goods had been disrupted by the crisis.

He is hoping to use some of that stock to feed vulnerable people covered by his food hub.

Meanwhile, David has appealed to local people to take advantage of the pub’s food service.

He said his kitchens have capacity to help even more people.

“We are helping hundreds of people but we can help many, many more.

“We would ask anyone who knows of someone who could do with a meal to use our service.

“Just drop us an email and say what you want. We are here to help.”

* 1051 GWR has begun a ‘Fish Friday’ offer of a fish supper for £5. Profits go into the gofundme kitty to help feed vulnerable people. The bar-restaurant is also beginning a Pizza Saturday deal of 2 x Margherita pizzas for £5. Customers can add toppings at an additional charge. All orders should be made via email People can donate to the gofundme page here. Offers to volunteer should be made via