Taxi firm takes the cleanliness of vehicles up a gear to reassure the travelling public

By Ellen Thomson at

Scotland’s biggest taxi firm is taking new measures to reassure the public about cleanliness and safety.

Glasgow Taxis Ltd has taken delivery of an “ozone generator” vehicle cleaning unit.

The device completely sanitises the interior of a vehicle in just 15 minutes and will be available for free use to all GTL taxis.

Glasgow Taxis are launching a campaign to reassure the public.

In addition, branded cleaning kits are being made available to every driver in the city.

Users are being assured that the city’s taxis will be one of the safest forms of transport against COVID-19.

All taxis are being provided with signage to promote the campaign and ‘Separated, Sanitised, Safe’ messaging.

The measures are being taken thanks to a partnership between the firm and vehicle care specialists Supagard.


Dougie McPherson, Glasgow Taxis chairman, said: “Our new safe taxi campaign and partnership with Supagard will support our drivers and send a clear message to customers – we are your safest and cleanest taxi transport option.

“Add to this the fact that all our vehicles are fully partitioned and we believe we can now offer the safest public transport experience in Scotland.

“Glasgow Taxis is proud to partner with Supagard, a local firm with an outstanding track record.

“We know people and businesses will be looking for reassurance and a new level of service in the months ahead and believe this partnership will enable Glasgow Taxis to deliver on that expectation.”

Two taxis

Glasgow Taxis says it wants to support its drivers to help the public.

The new Glasgow Taxis vehicle sanitisation unit started cleaning taxis this week.

The device placed in the back seat of taxis converts oxygen into ozone and back to oxygen.

The result of the 15-minute process is a completely germ-free environment.

Branded products including surface sanitiser, trigger bottle, air freshener and 70% alcohol hand sanitising gel which will supplement the generator are available to drivers for discounted purchase as a pack.

James Smyth, technical director of Supagard, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Glasgow Taxis and help offer a solution to their customers who are seeking reassurance at this time.

Cleaning kits

Branded cleaning kits are being made available to all drivers.

“We’ve seen a huge demand for this form of sanitisation over the past two months with our products proving popular with customers existing and new, all looking to ensure increased levels of cleanliness in their vehicles.”

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